Connect through understanding: We listen to your needs, offer effective, experience based solutions and compassionate follow-up

Research suggests that parents of children with ASD often experience so much stress that they are vulnerable to depression and other mood disorders. Many parents crave connection, a listening ear, a partner in what can sometimes feel like a chaotic journey. Helping parents reduce their stress levels is critical. This may mean changing and learning new skills and ways of coping.
We understand that finding new ways of doing things takes time for most, but for parents of ASD kids, it can seem impossible to strategize and create change. We listen, inspire your creativity, then brainstorm with you to create sustainable strategies that build joy and create more energy for you, in your life. That could mean:

  • Design assistance to create a play-zone for your child that readily supports your child's development

  • Brainstorming around self care and personal time

  • Conversational explorations that unearth limiting beliefs and help you clarify goals for you and your child

  • Strategies for coping with your child's challenging behaviors

Our member families receive a free 25-minute consultation every month.


A 50-minute consultation is $175. Consultations are normally done via telephone or videoconferencing, although home visits are possible.