Designed to help families create their own roadmap to a more harmonious life together

Everyone who crosses the path of a person with ASD can become a dynamic force that helps that person and their entire family thrive and be their absolute best. Our dynamic training program empowers your whole family to embrace the miracles and opportunities disguised in everyday moments. We base all our teachings on current research and the belief that a relational connection is the doorway to harmony, growth, and development. We focus on developing the well-being of the person with ASD, as well as that of the entire family.

Training happens in our Thrive! forum and provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents and caregivers and share the insights you have gained on your special journey. You'll learn skills that aren't laid out in a typical parenting book, and gain a refreshing perspective on parenting and care for your child, delivered in a dynamic, interactive and experiential way. In this forum, we discuss topics like:

  • Nourishing Self-Care

  • Transforming Everyday Moments

  • Sensory Insight

  • Understanding Challenging Behaviors

We also provide on-site, customized training programs for groups and families that help you establish your own home-based program based on loving and accepting guidance principals.

Free Workshops

We offer free 90-minute introductory workshops that give participants useful skills and tips that can be immediately applied. These workshops are scheduled throughout the year and held in various locations throughout the New York metropolitan area.
If you are interested in hosting a free workshop or would like to know about already-scheduled workshops, please feel free to contact us.