Every family caring for someone with ASD needs a village with everyone pulling together to help each member thrive and grow in holistic ways. We partner with families to help them build a support team.

Our staff is extensively trained to offer assistance in any way needed, from listening, to coaching, to brainstorming on the phone, to folding laundry or facilitating sustained attention with a special child.

We listen

All our services are wrapped in this one idea: Connect Through Understanding. We focus on finding out what is truly important to you and your family and continue to learn from our larger community of friends and professionals interested and working in the field of autism. The more we understand, the more we can meet your needs.

We empower

As we listen, we will offer solutions that are specific to your situation. Our coaching and parent training seminars are designed to help you integrate your knowledge, experience, creativity and love, to powerfully support you and your whole family's growth and harmony. The ease and support you experience, can help you to realize that a 'new normal lifestyle' is possible.

We provide a bridge

Research shows that autistic brains thrive when fed with interactions and experiences that build connections in under-connected areas. Although these connections can be built at school and in therapy, the home environment can be a rich and nourishing place.We focus on mining simple, everyday moments for opportunities to promote strong, joyful, enthusiastic engagement. They are the perfect bridge between school, therapy and home.

We train

Whether we're training our Care Specialists, or helping you create a dynamically engaged home-based program, we focus on building joyful, loving connections that create a safe space for learning and development. It capitalizes on a child's motivations to enhance growth in joyful, non-judgemental ways. Learn more about our Care Specialist Training program and Our Values.