Jason Williams


We all have a need to express ourselves. Being able to express yourself is something we all take for granted, because we know that when we feel something, we have the tools to explain or express what that is.
For kids on the spectrum, that's not always the case. As an actor I have firsthand experience with the power of the arts. In my life acting, singing, and dancing have given me an expressive outlet for anything I'm feeling, and I am so excited to be able to cultivate that same experience for kids on the spectrum. 

Shakira Williams


I'm a mother of twins, a New York City public school teacher, and an avid baker. Prior to teaching I worked in day programs and residences for people with special needs. I enjoy working with people who have special needs because they are always teaching me.   

Kirsten Lindsmith


Kirsten is an autistic self-advocate who works with kids and families both as a caregiver and consultant. Because she herself is autistic, Kirsten’s greatest strength is in empathizing with students, and acting as a bridge between them and the world they seek to connect with. She believes that every autistic can emerge from disability given the right tools and understanding, and that the most important step toward fostering communication is learning how to listen.