Pacienca y Fe

I remember seeing the Broadway play In The Heights as part of our Valentine’s Day celebrations one year. It was amazing!! In particular, Abuela Claudia's Paciencia y Fewas very impacting for me. She described the immigrant journey, constantly working and hoping for dreams to come true. Her strong refrain of Patience and Faithreminded me of so many moments in my journey with Jay. says that PATIENCE is quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence. Jaedon has taught me to be

•     patient with myself as I learn to be with him in more and more helpful ways
•     patient with him, as he continues growing and changing every day even though it isn't happening according to my agenda
•     patient with others who do not understand this road we walk.
Everyone is doing their best in the current moment. As I do my best, and keep improving on it, I see the value gained in multiple ways and in so many areas of my life. If Jaedon is doing his best in this moment, my best is to love, support, cheer him on, and be as helpful as possible. I can be joyful about today, and patient with the coming of tomorrow.

Hindsight is very helpful. I remember Jay at 30 months in speech therapy sessions, making no headway with simple shape puzzles. He looked like he had no mechanisms for figuring out how to do the puzzle. I despaired. Then one day, he took the shape sorter and just put all the shapes in! Quite quickly too! Had he been figuring it out all along? More stories like these, and I realize that my son is extremely busy absorbing, learning, filing, storing, acquiring so much information from the world around him. My impatience with his process just adds to the noise that's getting in the way of him demonstrating what he is taking in. I don't want to be noise. I'll be patient.

FAITH: Confidence or trust in a person or thing. I have faith in Jaedon, that he is doing his best and that he will get 'it', whatever 'it' may be. Why wouldn't I have faith? He's gotten so many 'its' before. Right now, am having faith for potty training. My faith energizes me to actively strategize and helpfully support him in this area. Doubt is definitely an energy killer, so I will do faith.

Abuela Claudia reflected that her mother would always say Paciencia y Fe through all their struggles, impossible looking situations with seemingly worse to come. Her big voice filled the theater: Patience and Faith. Her words filled my heart. Isn't this ultimate love? To be patient, to have faith? No matter where your child is in his or her developmental journey, hear Abuela Claudia's voice encouraging you, Paciencia y Fe.