Follow the Leads

Have you ever watched one of those shows where the bad guy is being chased by the hero, and the hero turns his head one way, just missing the bad guy running in the other direction? That's how I feel about autism intervention sometimes. So close, and yet so far. As parents, there isn't a stone we wouldn't look under to help our kids, yet sometimes we are looking under the stone, and the solution was on top of the stone, and it slides off as we lift the stone.

Homeopathy was one of the first biomedical interventions we tried and for various reasons, I didn't feel it was working for us. I liked the idea, I just couldn't implement it. Over the past 6 months, I've been getting ready to deepen our bio-medical protocol. For the past few years, we have been on a very minimal system. I just couldn't spend money we didn't have on the bio-med experiment. Slowing down also gave me some time to study Jay and understand his issues more. Sometimes going too fast can be the slowest way to go.

I think the answers are often right under our noses, but sometimes we have to learn so much to be able to see something as an answer. So, if you are doing a bio-medical program, I want to suggest:

•     trust your gut. There is a time for everything. Sometimes it's time to research, sometimes it's time to act, sometimes it's time to review, sometimes it's time to rest. You will have the resources for whatever it's time for right now.
•     follow the leads that come to you. You might be talking with a friend and something she says jumps out at you. That's your subconscious mind giving you a hint to the puzzle.
•     try things you have tried before if they come back to you.
•     try things one at a time, keep everything else the same and track social, emotional, behavioral changes over a 2 month period. The MOA online tracker is a really great tool to help you collect the info! Email for more information on our online suite of tools that can help harmonize your life.