Building harmony, enhancing wellbeing, redefining care

If you care for a loved one with autism or similar developmental difference, we want to join your team. At Melody of Autism, we connect with families and other caregivers of individuals with a variety of developmental differences, offering a support system that encourages the individual’s development and the care family’s well being - so that all can flourish.

We understand that every aspect of life can be affected when a child faces the challenges of autism. We want to offer the support that you need, in the way you need it. We help with finding competent childcare, integrating therapeutic goals into everyday home experiences, creating sustainable lifestyle changes that nourish your loved one’s development and provide a listening ear for every step along the way.  

Let us join you in creating a ‘new normal’ in your family!

We understand that every aspect of family life is affected when a child faces the challenges of autism.

The Right Care Specialist – We help you find creative and skilled childcare professionals that deeply understand your child's needs and match well with your family. Our Care Specialists are extensively screened, certified in CPR and First Aid and trained to provide you with reliable, engaging childcare, whether it's on an 'as needed' basis or for regular employment. 

Dynamic, Holistic Training Seminars - Learn research proven, developmentally appropriate, sensory friendly strategies for engaging a child and building learning opportunities into everyday moments, regardless of diagnosis. 

Personalized Consultations – New therapeutic diet? Flagging motivation? IEP meeting stress? Let’s figure it out together.  Our consultations will build your inspiration and creativity as we brainstorm strategies to increase your energy and create a holistic, harmonious experience for everyone in your family. 

We know firsthand that there is a vital need for competent, compassionate caregiver services within the special needs community, specifically Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Creating a profile with us means you have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in professional development that enhances your ability to help families Thrive!

  • Receive personalized coaching to maximize interviewing and people skills

  • Offer support to a family seeking specialized childcare that exceeds typical needs

You'll become an integral part of a family's ability to manage life challenges, actively engage and support their child's developmental goals and provide holistic family care. You get to offer the right help at the right time.

In our monthly Thrive! Forums and other training opportunities, you will explore research proven, developmentally appropriate, sensory friendly strategies for engaging a child with ASD or related developmental challenge.

Joining the Melody of Autism Care Team provides you with the opportunity to make a life changing difference in a family’s day to day experience in a way that’s convenient to you. You set your availability and we find the match.